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Robust, durable weather stations for recording diverse meteorological data

The automatic weather station is made for measuring several meteorological parameters. It is designed and built for the long-term use under extreme weather conditions without any infrastructure. The AWS can be equipped with diverse sensors according to the specific customer requirements. SOMMER places great emphasis on highest quality and is specialised for weather stations in alpine and high alpine environments.

Wind measurement done by state-of-the-art technology

The measurement of the wind speed and wind direction are regarded as elemental meteorological parameters. As a producer of automatic weather stations, company SOMMER has gathered a vast experience in the wind measurement and cooperates with wind sensor producers of worldwide leading format.

Reliable measurement of air temperature and air humidity for experts

Temperature and humidity measurements are needed for diverse requests and are of the most important meteorological parameters. Often both of the parameters are recorded with one sensor. SOMMER is offering with the Hydroclip and the MP-408A two very robust and long-term stable sensors for fulfilling highest requirements.

Measuring the barometric pressure

The air pressure sensor PTB110 measures the barometric pressure and is made for the installation in a radiation protected switch cabinet or weather shelters. It has got a high long-time stability and can be used in a harsh climatic environment.

Continuous, automatic recording of precipitation amount

For recording any kind of precipitation (rain) with its intensity in the nature usually precipitation gauges and samplers are used. If precipitation has to be measured also in winter with temperatures below the freezing point, the measuring instrument has to be equipped with a heating.

Extremely robust and reliable acoustic hail sensor with size classification

The extremely robust and reliable HDI sensor is a highly specialized acoustic instrument for the detection of hail and the characterisation of hailstone sizes.

The stand-alone solution: HAIL WATCHER

Extremely robust and reliable acoustic rian sensor with drop size classification

The RHD is an acoustic, high precision and ultra-robust rain sensor that requires no maintenance.

Sensors to measure solar radiation

The global radiation is the total sun radiation which irradiates on the earth. It is compiled of direct sun radiation and indirect radiation wich shines through clouds, water- and dust particles (diffuse or sky radiation). It comprises a spectral area from 200 until more than 3000nm. Diverse sensors can be applied for radiation measurement according to the meteorological and climatological needs.