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Protection of Important Infrastructure against Floods


Protection of Important Infrastructure against Floods

Bridge-Monitoring for the Austrian Federal Railways with Non-contact Radar Technology



Due to the alpine topography of Austria the railway inevitably has to cross mountain torrents and mudslides many times. Yet in order to ensure the highest possible degree of traffic security a warning and alert system has to be installed at the most threatened bridges. It is for the railway's authorities to get reliable data to be able to act coordinately and professionally in situations of increased danger. Accordingly appropriate measures can be taken at all times, from only enhanced monitoring to temporary stoppage of the railway service. Analogously to the bridge-monitoring within the railway network it is also possible to protect any other traffic connections, bridges or other crucial infrastructure, which are jeopardised by flood waters.

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The non-contact radar sensor RQ-30 mounted underneath the bridge continuously monitors the water level of the mountain torrent. Due to the measuring technology with a radar system it is possible to fix the sensor at the bridge itself and therefore outside the body of water safely from any floods. In addition to the contact-free level measurement by radar and in order to avoid false alerts a coded magnetic switch (limit switch) is used as a second monitoring system. Furthermore a camera surveillance builds a further crucial part in the system. The camera therefore has to be set up at a favourable position near the bridge.


In case the defined limit value is exceeded a digital message is sent to the regional control centre via the process control system (alert pre-stage). If the water level further increases an alert message is set off once the next limit value is reached (alert stage). Likewise the limit switch triggers an alarm once a defined water level is reached. A data logger which is also mounted at the monitoring station records all the values and passes the data on to a WEB module. This module combines the various measuring values and generates the according system messages. The values monitored as well as the pictures from the camera can be retrieved in the intranet of the railway at any time and are also displayed in a graph. The system can be reached and parameterized via a telephone connection (GSM). According to internal presettings (emergency action plan) and depending on the stage of alert specific and defined measures have to be taken why the railway can ensure safe operation.

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