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Densimetry in Brine Fabrication


Densimetry in Brine Fabrication

Determining the concentration of salt in industrial brines



When producing brine, the concentration of the water in the salt has to be exactly determined. Depending on the application, diverse concentration levels are needed. Measuring the concentration should be done directly at the mixing spot and without interfering into it. Furthermore, diverse kinds of brines have to be detected and determined.

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SOMMER developed the density sensor DP-10 to measure the concentration of the salts NaCl, CaCl or MgCl in the brine. As a measuring method oscillating transducers are employed, therefore no direct contact to the brine is necessary. That means that the measuring device DP-10 has the advantage that the density can be measured over a bypass under process conditions and in real-time.



The density sensor is used for the production of liquid de-icing agents as for example brine and is used for salt solution stations or salt mixing stations and for the winter road service. The measuring device has analogue and digital interfaces to connect to the mixing regulator. An easy operation is therefore given.

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