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Ice Detection Sensor IDS-30 to measure icing conditions and ice growth for various fields of application. The IDS-30 system is the next simplyfiyed version of the advanced and powerfull IDS-20 which is setting the standard for the next generation of ice detection systems on the market. The IDS-30 is an ALL-IN-ONE design which was developed together with our customers and their feedback over the nearly 10 years of expirience with the IDS-20.


Ice Detection Sensor to measure icing and freezing rain for various fields of application. The IDS-20 system is setting the standard for the next generation of ice detection systems. The IDS-20 is the first non-contact ice detection system which is able to measure form 0,01mm up to 80mm of ice thickness. The IDS-20 system is an extremely flexible system to cope with different situations and applications. 

Extremely robust sensor to determine snow drift intensity

The SND sensor is an ultra-robust instrument for measuring solid particle flux intensities and wind speeds. It is a low-power, maintenance-free and totally sealed acoustic instrument with no moving parts.

Precise snow depth measurement by means of ultrasonic technology

The USH-9 is an ultrasonic sensor for the precise, continuous and non-contact recording of snow depths. The robust design, a special ultrasonic head as well as an extremely low energy consumption makes the USH-9 a very suitable system for extreme weather conditions and so for alpine and high alpine terrain.

Recording all important parameters of the snow pack

The SPA-2 system records automatically and continuously all important parameters of the snow pack and allows, for example, for predictions about the snow melting progress.

Continuous measurement of the snow water equivalent (SWE)

The new snow scales SSG-2 is a measuring device, which measures the snow water equivalent (SWE) of the snow pack with a high level of precision and reliability. The installation is quick and easy. The fact that there is no anti-freeze needed makes the system environmentally friendly.

Analysing the snowmelt and ascertaining the water run-off

The Snow Melt Analyser (SMA-2) constitutes the ideal measuring solution for the analysis of snowmelt. With its help, melting processes in the snow can be detected and the water run-off can be ascertained and used for flood forecasts or for water management.

Infrared sensor to measure the snow surface temperature

The compact infrared sensor SIR provides for the exact and non-contact measurement of the temperature of the snow surface.

Generating a snow temperature profile

The SCA-sensor measures the temperature in the different layers of the snow pack as well as at the bottom. With this, a very exact temperature profile for the specific snow pack is generated.

Sensor to detect the sliding movement of snow

The sensor SGE-20 enables the measurement of the sliding movement of the snow, whereby deductions can be derived regarding the association between the condition of the surface of the slope, the inclination of the slope and the snow pack.

Reliable temperature measurement in the snow

The snow temperature sensor (Pt100) is a highly durable platinum resistance temperature detector type Pt100. It detects the snow temperature reliably and exactly.