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Density measurement of liquid de-icing agents

RETIRED PRODUCT. See updated model DP-20.

The density meter DP-10 developed by SOMMER Messtechnik helps to detect the concentration of NaCl, CaCl or MgCl in water when producing brine. As a measuring method oscillating transducers are employed. Brine stations and salt mixing stations are typical implementation examples for the DP-10.

Density measurement of liquid de-icing agents

The density meter DP-20 developed by SOMMER Messtechnik detects the concentration of NaCl, CaCl2 or MgCl2 during brine production. It uses an oscillating U-tube and a dedicated transducer to determine the solution density. Through the unique relationship with density the salt concentration is derived. The DP-20 replaces the widely applied DP-10.