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Monitoring Equipment for Professionals

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Realizing ideal monitoring solutions together with our customers. That is our business motivation and a new challenge every day, which we happily accept. With our experts and technicians we strive to fulfil best possible all different requirements to the monitoring equipment. Nature is diverse and so are all the measuring situations. Our broad experience in environmental measurement technology, which we have gathered over the last almost three decades and your inputs as our customer help us with this task.

Familiarize yourself with the company SOMMER Messtechnik and our products and services..


Measuring, monitoring, mapping

  •  Contact-free discharge monitoring with highly innovative radar sensors for rivers, streams, canals and all kind of open channels
  •  Non-contact measuring especially in the fields of sewage and industrial wastewater through measuring the surface flow velocity and the water level by use of radar and ultra-sonic technology
  •  Tracer systems to measure rivers and creeks with unknown cross-section profiles applying the tracer dilution method and using a salt tracer (TQ-S) or fluorescent tracer (TQ-F)
  •  Level loggers for monitoring ground water
  •  Automatic weather stations specifically designed for alpine and high-alpine applications with remote and harsh environments
  •  Snow monitoring systems for analysing the snow pack and measuring the snow-water-equivalent
  •  Snow scales to capture the snow load on flat-roofed buildings in order to minimise their risks to collapse
  •  Densitometer to determine salt content in water for processing salt-water solutions
  •  Systems and equipment for data management (data loggers), telemetry and application-friendly software
  •  Monitoring service, rental service, trainings and technical support
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Please contact us for any requests or suggestions using our convenient contact-service form. We will do our best in order to come back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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A Caring Home for Every Child!

To have a home means to have a place on earth. Unfortunately not all children find themselves in this lucky position. The SOS-Children's Villages are dedicated to help and provide a home for children and teenagers in difficult situations. With the village-sponsorship we want to accept our social responsibility in our society and happily support the valuable and much appreciated work of the SOS-Children's Villages.


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