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Data Logger MRL-6


Reliable, very compact data logger

Gathering, processing and saving of measuring data - simple, practical and quick. The MRL-6 is a reliable and energy saving data logger. Thanks to its weatherproof housing it is optimal for the use in environmental measuring technique and without further infrastructure.


Features and advantages

  • Reliable and energy-saving: optimised to collect monitoring data in remote areas without any infrastructure
  • Logger can be operated fully independently (internal batteries / internal solar charge regulator), no switch cabinet necessary, protection IP 67
  • Ideal integration and compatibility with complete Sommer sensor family as well as common sensors
  • Backlit display for easy data readout
  • Parameterization via RS-232 and Bluetooth
  • Easy data readout with USB flash drive or Bluetooth-interface
  • Minimum energy demand
  • Solid, compact, weatherproof aluminium housing
  • Connection for remote data transmission through modem / 3G possible (with external 3G modem)


Fields of application

The MRL-6 can be used for all possible areas in environmental monitoring and measuring, where a low maintenance and energy efficient operation is of high importance as for example at measuring sites where no power network or switch cabinet is installed. The convenient logger is a very suitable solution for water level stations, simple temperature loggers, for wind stations or for smaller monitoring systems in geology. With an easy and solid data transmission (USB or Bluetooth), long battery lifetime as well as the compact, watertight housing the MRL-6 is also a cost effective all-rounder for several areas of application.


Technical details


  • Dimensions 160 x 90 x 60 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight 1.050 g (incl. batteries)
  • Housing aluminium box, powder coated
  • Protection IP 67 - suitable for outside application; over voltage and reverse power protection
  • Energy supply battery (4 x AA, 1.5 V batteries); external supply (5 ... 28 V); integrated solar charge controller for solar panel with 8 ... 28 V or external supply
  • Sensor supply 5 V / max. 20 mA or 12 V / max. 50 mA
  • Reference voltage 2.5 V for potentiometer (max. 0.5 mA)
  • Display LCD Display with digital contrast setting, 2 x 16 characters; LED backlight with a splash water proof cover and extended temperature range
  • Keypad 5 keys-pad to read in the current measuring data, confirmation for observer
  • Number of channels up to 40 (optionally up to 80)
  • Memory failsafe flash memory; 2 MB internal (correlates approx. 500.000 records)
  • Operating & storage temperature -40 °C ... +60 °C
  • Functions real-time value, intensity, minimum, maximum, sum, mean value etc.



  • Inputs 4 x analogue 0 ... 2.5 V (thereof 1 x PT-100 4-conductor); 1 x counter, 1 x frequency input for wind speed and wind peak, 1 x poti input for wind direction
  • Digital sensor interfaces 1 x RS 485, 1 x SDI-12 Interface (Vers. 1.3)
  • Interface 1 x communication interface: RS 232, 9.6 to 115 kBd, 1 x USB host (only for data read-out on USB), 1 x Bluetooth
  • Output (digital resp. analogue) none

Additional Info

  • Characteristics: stationary measuring system
  • Features: data logging

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