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Rock Face Monitoring Breitenberg


Rock face monitoring Breitenberg

Geotechnical warning and information system for instable rock face



At the Breitenberg, which is a 600 m high instable rock face south of Dornbirn (Vorarlberg, Austria) in the past several big rock falls occurred. Further minor rock falls have been recognized in the years after. For this reason, a warning and information system for the instable rock face should be installed.

geo breitenberg 01
geo breitenberg 02


Comprehensive measurements in the rocks and cracks with diverse precision sensors (geophones, anchor load cells, extensometer, fissurometer) allow a very good judgement of the situation through the entrusted geologist. The complete monitoring of the endangered rock face is done fully automatically. Through the integration of a weather station, environmental influences on the rock face can be detected and assessed. An additional new collection area down the valley was installed for further security of the below lying settlement area.



The gathered data material of the geotechnical sensors and the weather data can be easily recalled and assessed by the authorities via remote data transmission. In case of acute critical rock movements, the measuring system automatically informs the civil engineering office in charge and the local authorities about the happenings in the endangered area. A powerful alarm manager especially set up for this purpose allows straightforward mapping and administration of complex alarm conditions and various information paths via a browser type user interface.
geo breitenberg 03
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