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Measured-Data-Server (MDS)


Webserver to maintain online measuring networks

Data reception over the internet (TCP/IP), saving records in a databank system and data availability for processing and graphical illustration via web browser. Thanks to the MDS the data are always and for several users online available.


Features and advantages

  • Unlimited access to the measurement data via internet
  • Updating/transmitting data at minute intervals
  • Linking current measurement data graphs on external homepage
  • Cost efficient data transmission with flat rate tariff
  • Redundant possibilities for data retrieval for better security
  • Central data saving via MDS with databank system
  • Visualisation of measurement data via web browser
  • Defined access rights for every user up to the station
  • Overview of the stations via map in the web browser
  • Data export to excel or into various formats (ROH, CSV, XML etc.)
  • Optional: for professional data analysing and visualisation


To get a first impression please click here:


Demo-login username: demo
Demo-login password: sommer

Demo Access to MDS V2




The Measured-Data-Server includes the web service to receive records over an internet connection, to save data in a databank system, data service for the management as well as data visualisation. Optionally the professional data analysing software can be used. The guidance of the MDS is done over a web browser surface. Therefore, no program installation is necessary. The data are available online everywhere and for several users.


System requirements

  • Server for MDS
  • Apache webserver
  • mySQL data bank system
  • Client
  • Running internet connection to MDS
  • Web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Additional Info

  • Characteristics: stationary measuring system
  • Features: data management