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Reliable, very compact data logger

Gathering, processing and saving of measuring data - simple, practical and quick. The MRL-6 is a reliable and energy saving data logger. Thanks to its weatherproof housing it is optimal for the use in environmental measuring technique and without further infrastructure.

Serial WDR Camera 2.0 Mp

The SOMCAM-2S Camera is a seriel camera which provides color images down to an illumination of 0.0005 Lux. It has an on-board serial interface that is ideal for direct connection to the Sommer Messtechnik MRL-data logger family.

Analog input and ouput extension MRL-IE / MRL-IEa

The MRL-IE is a compact data acquisition module designed to acquire, process and transmit all sorts of environmental data. It extends the input ports of  MRL data loggers and offers conversion between RS-485 and SDI-12 signals.

Weatherproof data logger with integrated data transmission

Collecting, processing, storing and transmitting of monitoring data - easy, convenient and quick. The MRL-8 is a battery run data, modem supported logger with splash-proof housing, USB data read-out functions and integrated solar charge controller. The very energy efficient operating mode as well as a weatherproof box qualifies the MRL-8 for data applications in remote areas far from any infrastructure.

Webserver to maintain online measuring networks

Data reception over the internet (TCP/IP), saving records in a databank system and data availability for processing and graphical illustration via web browser. Thanks to the MDS the data are always and for several users online available.