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ComWin Software


Manual read-out and parametrisation of data loggers


ComWin is an easy to operate software for direct read-out of measuring data from data loggers or water level data loggers with a Laptop/PC as well as for the manual remote data retrieval via Laptop/PC. The connection to the logger is established with a serial interface (RS 232).


Features and advantages

  • Manual retrieval of current and saved measuring data
  • Archive for the station and data
  • Export of the measuring data to MS excel
  • Parametrisation of data loggers
  • Graphical visualisation of the measuring data (line graph or chart)



The data read-out is done manually at site with a laptop over the serial interface. If there is a modem connected to the data logger the ComWin can be used for manual remote data retrieval also. For a fully automatic remote data retrieval, the software DataWin is needed.

Additional Info

  • Characteristics: stationary measuring system
  • Features: data management