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Rain sensor RHD

Rain sensor RHD



Extremely robust and reliable acoustic RAIN sensor

The RHD is a low-cost, high precision and ultra-robust rain sensor. It features very low-power consumption, is maintenance-free and has a completely sealed acoustic detector with no moving parts. The sensing device is a polished stainless steel hemisphere supported by a strong stainless steel arm. It detects changes of the acoustic pressure that are induced by the impact of raindrops or hailstones. The RHD also includes a distrometer that returns the drop size distribution.


Fields of application 

With its disdrometer and hail detection functions the RHD is a valuable instrument for soil erosion forcast and precipitation monitoring in agriculture. As this sensor is maintenance free, it is also suitable for remote weather stations (on- and offshore) and scientific research.


Technical details

  • Measurement principle acoustic detector
  • Measurement area hemisphere with Ø160 mm (402 cm²)
  • Accuracy of rain intensity ± 5% at 100% duty-cycle
  • Disdrometer 27 size classes from ≤ 0.75 mm to ≥ 7.0 mm
  • Hail detection hail stone size ≥ 0.5 cm; up to 5 hits/second
  • Output RS-232, SDI-12, impuls- und voltage output, Modbus RTU (requires adapter)
  • Protection IP 67
  • Temperature range -30°C bis +60°C
  • Dimensions 260 mm x 430 mm x 160 mm (including mounting arm)
  • Mounting mast or crossbar



Additional Info

  • Characteristics: stationary measuring system
  • Features: contacting measurement