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Tracer System TQ-COMMANDER V3


Software for mobile discharge measurement using - salt tracer or fluorescence tracer

The new software for SOMMER TQ-Tracers. TQ-COMMANDER 3.0 will be compatible to all TQ-Tracers with a software version V2.16 or higher. 
Featuring a new and fresh state of the art design, ease of use and customer friendliness was a clear target through the development process. Furthermore, customer feedback was integrated into the design and function of the software
There are a lot of new and improved features in the new TQ-COMMANDER 3.0. As an example Applicators will be guided step by step through the measurement process with immediate Check of each step.


Features and advantages

  • Improved Bluetooth communication
  • New and easy to use user interface
  • Easier probe management
  • Step-by-step process
  • Improved calibration process
  • Mean result calculation and visualization
  • Graphical support during the calibration process
  • New visual quantification and quality assurance features for calibration and Measurements
  • Measurement summary and qualification in colors and numbers
  • Calibration summary and qualification in colors and numbers
  • Measurement range visualization for quality control
  • Calibration range visualization for quality control
  • Automatic Updates
  • Uncertainty calculation
  • Tracer calculator
  • Android App available
  • Easy data exchange between Android App and TQ-COMMANDER 2.0
  • Measurement output to CSV or BIBER
  • Export and import compatible to the TQ-COMMANDER 1.0
  • Easier data exchange, file or Zip based (export and import of measurement’s, calibration’s, station’s and sensors)
  • Picture and location of measurement site
  • PC-version: Windows 10 up to 11


All new TQ include the TQ-commander 3.0 as a standard

With the purchase of a new TQ-tracer the new featured TQ-commander 3.0 is already included.


Usage for owner of existing systems

The TQ-commander 3.0 works with all TQ-Tracer using the Firmware V2.16 and higher. Earlier Firmware version can be upgraded to the newest firmware.

30- days Free trial available. For more information please contact us


Android App available

The TQ-commander 2.0 is available on the android Play store.

Google Play

Additional Info

  • Characteristics: mobile measuring system
  • Features: contacting measurement

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