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SPA-2 - new equipment generation released


SPA-2 - new equipment generation released

The unique snow-pack-analyser system obtains an innovation boost.


Improved usability and new features help the SPA-2 to be an even more useful snow monitoring system. The SPA-2 provides the data for a reliable assessment of the snow pack’s condition and allows predictions about the water run-off to be expected during the snow melting process.

Typical applications are for example hydro-meteorological installations, flood prevention, the water management, water power stations, agriculture, skiing areas or research stations.



Important features and advantages of the SPA-2 system

  • Real-time measurement of the parameters snow depth, snow-water-equivalent (SWE), snow density, ice and liquid water content
  • Improved interface – integrated RS-485 / SDI-12
  • Simplified integration of external sensors (e.g. snow temperature, soil temperature etc.)
  • Energy-saving sensor operation
  • Automatic and continuous measuring even at remote sites through solar energy supply.
  • Reliable sensor technology and robust design for applications in high alpine terrain and harsh environments

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