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webinar until July 2024

We are pleased to invite you to our exclusive webinar, which will provide an insight into our latest products. This event is aimed at partners, interested customers and public organisations who want to learn more about innovative solutions.

  • Product presentation: Learn more about our latest products and their applications.
  • Case studies: Discover realistic application examples and the added value of our solutions.
  • Q&A session:  Ask questions and get answers directly from our experts.
  • Networking:  Network with other participants and our team.
  • Target group:  Partners, interested customers, public organisations

registration: register here

Date and time of different topics as online training:

  • RQ-30 25.04.2024 5pm Vienna time
  • RQ-30 26.04.2024 9am Vienna time
  • USH-9  06.05.2024 5pm Vienna time
  • USH-9  07.05.2024 9am Vienna time
  • SSG-2 23.05.2024 5pm Vienna time
  • SSG-2 24.05.2024 9am Vienna time
  • Q-Commander profiles 04.06.2024 5pm Vienna time
  • Q-Commander profiles 05.06.2024 5pm Vienna time

  • RQ-D webinar 18.06.2024, 5pm Vienna time
  • RQ-D webinar 16.06.2024, 9am Vienna time