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Measuring solutions for surface water, rivers, open channels and groundwater

Water discharge monitoring of rivers & channels


Water discharge monitoring of rivers & channels

Sommer Messtechnik has a unique set of skills and knowhow in hydrology and in particular discharge measurements. This knowhow has been built by extensive R&D work and experience gained in many projects around the world over the past 30+ years. During these years SOMMER Messtechnik has developed exceptional solutions that can be used in different applications and difficult site/discharges conditions with high reliability and accuracy.

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RQ-30 Discharge Sensor – No Contact Radar Discharge Measurement for Stationary Applications


Developed more than 15 years ago, the RQ-30 sensor measures accurately the discharge of rivers or channels with its innovative radar technology and sophisticated on board hydraulic model. The RQ-30 is a non-contact sensor that is easily installed outside the water and that does not require any maintenance. The instrument is equipped with an accurate and robust radar water level and a super accurate flow velocity sensor that measure continuously even during flood conditions. Based on the cross sectional profile, the water level and the roughness of the river bed, the RQ-30 computes the exact mean velocity in the cross section for each measurement.


The RQ-30 also uses advanced machine learning that helps to compensate interference from wind, rain and very slow flowing water. This unique feature enables unmatched measurement reliability.


RG-30 Water Velocity Sensor – Non-Contact Water Velocity Measurement for Stationary Applications


The RG-30 is a radar sensor developed to offer the best quality and performance for measurements of the water surface velocity of rivers and canals. It is based on the Doppler Effect and highly sophisticated spectrum analysis to determine the flow velocity. The accuracy of the RQ-30 has been certified by METAS, the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology.


With its standard analogical analog and digital outputs, it could can be easily integrated in any hydrological monitoring system.

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RP-30 Mobile Discharge Sensor – Non-Contact Water Velocity Measurement for Mobile Applications


Compact and easy to transport, the RP-30 is a mobile solution to determine the discharge of any river or canal with difficult flow conditions like flood or very low water level. Based on non-contact radar technology, the user can acquire the velocity profile across a river save and easy. With integrated Bluetooth the velocity data are instantly transferred to the software on your laptop, where the discharge is calculated for a known cross-sectional profile. The RP-30 is designed for temporary measurement campaigns and control applications.


TQ-Tracer Mobile Discharge System – Portable Discharge Measurement System for undefined Cross Section


The TQ tracer is a portable discharge measurement instrument that can be applied in all flow conditions, especially in highly turbulent rivers where the cross section is undefined. By using the well-established tracer-dilution method, the TQ-tracer allows the user to easily measure the discharge where other methods cannot be applied. The instrument is shipped with a user-friendly software that guides the user through the whole measurement procedure from calibration to discharge determination. To make quality assurance as easy as possible, a green-yellow-red signaling scheme informs about accurate calibration and correct data acquisition. The TQ-tracer is equipped with Bluetooth to allow real-time data visualization on your computer, tablet or smart phone. The instrument is available in three versions for different tracer solutions.

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