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Influent / Effluent flow measurement for sewage treatment plants (STP)


Influent / Effluent flow measurement for sewage treatment plants

Continuous discharge monitoring with SQ sensor



Continuous and reliable monitoring of the discharge quantities are an essential task for the operation of a sewage treatment plant. The control of its different sections and processes or the accurate allocation of costs among its participating municipalities and members according to their individual discharge quantities substantially depend on these measurements. Further demands are simple implementation and compatibility with the existing process control system as well as maintenance-free operation of the measurement equipment in the daily routine.

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The SQ flow meter perfectly fulfils these expectations. The sensor measures independently the water level (filling level) and the flow velocity. It can be installed outside the body of water and therefore it is maintenance-free. The measurement can be taken without any contact to the water using up-to-date radar and ultrasonic technology. Various interface possibilities (RS485, SDI-12, Modbus, analogue) allow an optimum and trouble-free integration in an existing system. Continuous flow rate monitoring, pulse per volume or aggregate discharge volumes are outputted.


Usually the sensor is installed in the inlet channel of the plant (alternatively an installation in the outlet channel can be reasonable too). If it is an open channel, the measurement unit is fixed to a crossbar above the water surface. The SQ is equipped with a mounting cube that allows a vertical / horizontal flexible fixation. Via the attached connection cable the SQ can be connected with the control system at the nearest possible access point.

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