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Snow Pack Analyser SPA


Recording of all important parameters of the snow pack

The SPA System records all importantparameters of the snow pack automatically and continuously making, for example, predictions about the progress of snowmelt possible.


Features and advantages

  • Recording of the snow parameters snow water equivalent (SWE), snow density, liquid water content, ice content and snow depth
  • Energy-saving operation through sleep modus, ideal for solar-powered measuring stations
  • Individual system configuration: information regarding the complete snow pack or about specific snow profile depths
  • Recording of the progress of snowmelt and the expected quantities of water from the snow pack


Fields of application

With the important data regarding snow density, liquid water content or snow water equivalent it is possible to recognize the snowmelt at an early stage. The SPA-system so constitutes a valuable measuring instrument for hydrologists and scientists but above all for hydropower companies, flood protection authorities, water management, the agricultural sector or mining operation.


Installation and measuring principle

The SPA-station can be operated autonomously (using solar power), the mast and the frame are set up in a suitable position on level ground. The weather and UV-resistant sensor band penetrates the snow and measures the volumes of ice, water and air content in the snow pack using impedance analysis. Data storage and remote transmission equipment mounted in a weatherproof control cabinet can be additionally provided upon customer’s request.


Technical details

  • SPA 1 - 4 sensors (tapes) mountable (as a standard we provide1 horizontall and 1 diagonal tape)
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant flat band that includes three wide copper wires. 4 cm depth of penetration of the measurement field.
  • Solid aluminium construction for fixing and tensioning of the SPA- sensors
  • Impedance analyser performing the measurements of the complex impedance

    along the SPA-sensor
  • Multiplexer controls the switching between multiple sensors and connects the

    snow depth sensor
  • Control unit performs the measurements and the calculations of the snow

  • Serial interface RS 485, SDI-12; ASCII format

  • USH-8 ultrasonic snow depth sensor with integrated temperature compensation
  • Optional components Integration of up to two sensors for temperature (snow, ground, surface), power supply, data logger and telemetry
  • Power supply 10.5 to 15 VDC, reverse voltage protection, overvoltage protection
  • Power consumption active 50 mA per SPA sensor, inactive: < 2 mA
  • Operating temperature -35°C ... 60°C (-31°F to 140°F)
  • Dimensions of frame 6360 x 1100 x 3700 mm

Additional Info

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